We are flex

According to the needs of the new way of working, we offer private offices for corporate clients who seek flexible and straightforward contracts. Particularly, our product offers flexibility in worstations, contract duration and office size to suit our customers specific requirements. At Office Flex, we have all the benefits of being inserted in one of the most important shopping centers in the country, with easy access to public transportation and urban highways, which makes it unique and highly convenient for your collaborators

Location and connectivity

Closer to your collaborators
Our first location of flexible offices is in Mall Florida Center, Av. Vicuña Mackenna N°6100, La Florida, Santiago, just steps away from Metro Mirador and very close to the urban highway Américo Vespucio.
Enjoy the new way of working close to everything. The convinience of having at your fingertips the full range of services, shops, and restaurants just a few steps from your office, quick access to public transport, and urban highways will definitely improve your collaborators life quality.

Technology and security

Choose the configuration, space, and capacity that your private office requires. At Office Flex, we take care of adapting the spaces according to your requirements with unique technology in Chile.
-The Flex space has a differentiated entrance and you can use your phone as an access ID for greater comfort.
-We have a CCTV system and security staff 24/7
-All our rooms are equipped with intuitive, comfortable, and simple video call technology.

Our spaces

The new way of working turned into a flexible and collaborative space, adapting to each one needs, promoting networking, and reaching multi-disciplinary and collaborative work.


Benefits and amenities

At Office Flex, your comfort comes first. We have a Facility Manager available at reception, a special agreement parking rate for your collaborators, spaces available 24/7, and much more.

Parking agreement

Our parking agreement provides a special rate for users who require convenient spaces and quick access to offices, currently being the most comfortable and convenient offer on the market.


Utilities such as water, electricity, internet and common expenses are included in a single rate.

Secure access

We have secure access via cell phone or card to common areas + access to private office

24/7 access

We have an access service, that allows our members enter to the office when they need it


Service available for our customers

Facility Manager

A Facility Manager is available at reception to receive visits and documents, and also help with any requirements in your workspace.

Meeting room

All equipped with videoconference systems

Snack bar

Our comfortable breakout and collaborative spaces are available for your use 24/7, with amenities like tea, coffee, and water.

Printing service

Exclusive service with a number of released impressions for your collaborators

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